Young Architects 16

Claus Benjamin Freyinger and Andrew Holder. “The LADG." Young Architects 16: Overlay. New York: Princeton Architectural Press. 2015.

"Architecture in our work is not so much the design of space or organization in the abstract as it is the design of physical things that fit together in very particular ways. Space and organization are secondary, residual, emergent. They appear in the slippages, mis-fits, and gaps between objects that seek a close-fitting affinity with each other as much as they do with their audience. In this scenario, familiar programs gain new resolve and attention as they are squeezed between the physical artifacts that support them. New programs emerge with the urgency of happy survival strategies in a world of finite emptiness.

Our ambition is to expand the register of architecture’s communication with its audience. All the familiar modes of architectural communication— tectonics that can be 'read,' 'felt' sensations, 'event' programs—are preludes, really, to a synthetic communication that turns objects into actors. We insist that objects gregariously invade space. We insist that objects deny distinction between the territory of the observer and that of the object. We insist that objects get in the way, reorganize rooms, please, infuriate, be useless, start conversations, remind people of other things, play tricks, demand bodily maneuvers, and offer utility in unexpected ways."

- Claus Benjamin Freyinger and Andrew Holder