The Kids Get Out of The Picture Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Year: 2016
Status: Complete

The Kid Gets out of the Picture” is a sequel to a contemporary English picturesque garden set inside the interior courtyard of Materials & Applications in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Exploring William Gilpin’s picturesque travel sketches from the late eighteenth century, the LADG appropriated the organizational logic of his drawings, which frequently depict dense, heterogeneous collections of rocks and plants. These “clumps” consolidate together as a single entity regardless of the diversity of their constituent parts, creating a material landscape that is both continuously variable and continuously navigable.

The installation was made in collaboration with Materials & Applications, First Office, Hirsuta, and Laurel Broughton / Andrew Kovacs. The project was made possible in part by the generous support of the Graham Foundation.

Project Lead: Alexander Porter, Morgan Starkey

Project Team: Israel Ceja, Anthony Chu, Chuck Diep, Ciro Dimson, Tidus Dimson, Kenji Hattori, Sam Hoch, David Saldin, Tim Smith, Phillip Soderlind, Darryl Weimer, Erin Wright, Trenman Yau