Surefoot Santa Monica

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Year: 2012
Status: Complete

The LADG designed a 1,200 square-foot retail space for custom ski boot retailer Surefoot in Santa Monica. The design layers thin facades of retail display atop the existing white box interior space, providing a coherent retail environment for the Surefoot brand. The store in Santa Monica has three core elements.

The first element is a curved dropped ceiling that hangs several feet below the structure of the building shell, as though a thick tent cloth has been draped loosely from above. The second is the custom shelving that is built into a thick plywood wrapper that covers two-thirds of the perimeter walls and has an irregular fit against the ceiling to create crevices, gaps, and awkward fits. The final element includes a seating bench and equipment for digitally scanning customers’ feet.

Project Team: Troy Hillman, Dan Marty, Noah Rubin