House in Los Angeles 5
Los Angeles, California
2019, Entitlements

House in Los Angeles 5 is a three-bedroom residence for a young couple who have professional ties to the arts and architecture. We began by reworking the plan of an existing (albeit deteriorating) bungalow. The irregular additions to this structure are reorganized as a series of five programmatic stripes arrayed lengthwise across the site: yard, house, path, house, driveway. The path through the center of the site also crosses in the short direction, dividing the parcel into four quadrants that organize the major components of the house. Bedrooms are in two large volumes at the front two quadrants, kitchen and service gadgetry (laundry, security systems, and a powder room) are housed in apparently solid, OSB-paneled volumes in the middle, and the living spaces are arrayed along the crenelations at the rear.


Project Lead: Remi McClain

Kenji Hattori-Forth, Jonathan Rieke, Son Vu

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